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Tortola Tour Guide - Places of interest


Among the British Virgin Islands, Tortola is the largest and most interesting from a tourist point of view. It managed to preserve its natural splendor and rich cultural heritage. Each city is characterized by a unique atmosphere of hospitality and national color.

Many travelers are interested, first of all, in the magnificent beaches, Tortola attracts lovers of ecotourism. Lovers of fascinating excursions will definitely not be bored, as remarkable attractions exist in every city.

There are numerous travel guides available about different aspects of the island. One of the most interesting is from the author of Rogues in Paradise, Ian Clayton, where he outlines his travel guide from a unique aspect. As a side note, check out Rogues guide Tortolla

Road Town is the capital of the island. It is here where the most visited cultural centers and historical places are located. The most attractive place for hiking in the capital will be Old Main Street, which encompasses unique architectural monuments from different eras. All the old buildings are carefully restored. Today, they house restaurants, shops, and gift shops.

One of the most beautiful historical buildings is the Museo del Pueblo, a remarkable place that presents pre-Columbian artifacts. Among them are unique artifacts from the colonial era, as well as exhibits dedicated to the marine theme.

The most striking monument of the colonial era is the House of an old government. All the governors of the island lived in this beautiful white palace. Today, it is fully restored and is the location of an interesting museum

The examination of the preserved ancient fortifications on the island should also be included in a vacation program. Fort George and Fort Recovery are the most interesting among them. The Mountain Healthy Windmill, which was built in the 18th century and due to its history of existence has never undergone large-scale reconstruction, will also be a fascinating sight.

Very close to the old mill, an extensive nature reserve of Sage Mountain begins. It differs not only in a variety of plants and animals on its territory but also in unique ecological indicators. Many exotic plants are unique and belong to endangered species.

A pleasant surprise awaits lovers of strong alcohol, as Callwood’s Rum Distillery is located in one of the most picturesque bays on the island. After an exciting tour of the factory, guests are offered the best tasting varieties of rum. Everyone can visit a store located on the factory territory.

Tourists who do not see their rest without walking in picturesque places, can stroll through the JR O’Neal Botanical Garden. It is modest in size, but this does not diminish its value. A strikingly beautiful royal palm alley, an orchid belvedere, a magnificent pond with lilies and turtles, are just some of the features of the incredible botanical garden.

An old plantation of Josías Bay, located in the immediate vicinity of the capital, attracts not only lovers of hiking in historical places, but also connoisseurs of painting. The fact is that in one of the colonial buildings that have survived to this day.

There is an interesting picture gallery depicting paintings from a private collection. This is only a small part of the interesting tourist objects that guests of the island of Tortola must visit.

The island of Tortola offers various interesting activities for its guests. It’s a great place to enjoy beachside recreation, go on interesting tours, and admire local sights from the water. Gourmet travelers will find it incredibly interesting to attend food tours, during which they can try the most popular national specialties and local specialties. Seafood is an essential part of the national cuisine and is mainly cooked over open fires on the island.

Many tourists will be delighted by ecological tours, during which they will be able to visit local national reserves and admire the beautiful local nature. Tortola is incredibly popular with lovers of love and honeymooners, so a significant part of the island’s hotels is aimed at this category of visitors.

Upon request, many hotels are happy to organize a romantic wedding ceremony. The choice of honeymoon options is fantastic too, so everyone will easily find something they like. Fans of rejuvenating treatments will also be happy to spend several days on the island. Local hotels offer special spa programs, offering yoga and fitness classes.

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