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When I decided to add lifestyle is a category I had to ask myself “What exactly is a lifestyle blog all about”? Before adding the category. Well, A lifestyle blog relates to a person’s way of living, in the same way that fashion blogs relate to people’s interests in the clothes they wear, the makeup they wear etc.

Lifestyle blogs usually make content about something you personally do or something you are interested in. Some examples of lifestyle blogs are about potty training your puppy, building your home garden, organic foods, weight loss, travel, holistic healing, and fitness etc. You can also find content relating to your love life, career, money matters, beauty etc. A lifestyle blog is a great way to express your opinions in an original way and get read by thousands of people across the world who may have similar interests as you.

So for that reason I decided to add this amazing category to my other two categories #entertainment# and the huge #home# niche. I hope you love what I have in store for you. Just click the articles below and enjoy!

Locally Lost