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How You Can Sell Your House Faster and Make It More Valuable


It is crucial to prepare your home for viewings. This will help you sell your property faster and can increase its value by thousands of pounds.

Declutter, but don’t lose your personality

You need to get rid of everything that has accumulated in every corner and crevice. It can be stored, sold, thrown away, or disposed of.

It is important for people to visualize what their property would look like if lived in. This is often a difficult task for many people. Make it easy for them see the amazing living space that you offer.

It shouldn’t look generic; give it some personality. It also gives buyers ideas for what they might do, which is a plus.

People often buy into a lifestyle more than a property. Let them see the best side of your lifestyle.

You might consider removing bulky furniture from the space and replacing it with smaller pieces.

AnyJunk is a household rubbish removal company that can help you get rid of unwanted items. Two crew members are sent to your home to remove junk and bulky waste. They can also arrange same-day collection in most major cities.


Fresh coat of paint

Your home will look lighter and larger if you paint your walls with neutral colors.

This will allow viewers to visualize how they might adapt the rooms to suit their needs.

Buyers will find it easier to move in and make use of the rooms right away than if they were painted bright purple or lime green.


It is important to make a good first impression

Kerb appeal is a lasting impression. Most buyers decide within a few minutes of seeing a property.

YouGov’s 2019 survey of over 2,000 adults in the UK revealed that roofs that were in good condition and windows well maintained are two of the most important elements for kerb appeal. It was also important to maintain a front garden, fences, and pathways that are well maintained and painted.


Clean up and fix

Repair any small repairs that are necessary, such as holes in walls, broken knobs on doors, cracked tiles, or torn or worn carpets. This is a common request from buyers who want to move in immediately without any changes.

Make sure everything sparkles. Clean up limescale, repair and clean tile grout, wax wooden floors, remove odours and hang fresh towels. This will increase the appeal of the space and make it more inviting for viewers to envision living there.

Take care of the garden by trimming the bushes, cleaning the patio and furniture from dirt and lichen, and cutting the grass. Although this won’t increase the value of your home, it will make it more attractive to potential buyers. People can visualize themselves in the garden.


Remodel your kitchen

The most important room in a house is the kitchen. It is the most valuable room in a house and it can be the difference between a buyer being confident or not.

Refacing kitchen cabinets is an option. It is often less expensive than replacing your cabinets and more effective.

Although it is costly, upgrading kitchen counter tops can increase their value.

De-clutter all surfaces, and leave out a bowl of fruit. Get rid of any bulky items

You might consider upgrading your white goods and plumbing fixtures. However, this could increase the property’s value but not their actual value.


Light and airy

Wall mirrors can make a room appear larger and lighter. You should consider putting them up in small rooms and hallways.

Make sure to clean all windows, both inside and outside. Replace any damaged light bulbs. The property will feel larger and more appealing if it feels light and airy.

Make sure you have lamps in dark corners

A soft lamp placed in the bathroom can give it a warm glow.


Make a fire

Light your fire if it is cold, especially on a cold night or on a cold day. For the wonderful smell, you might want to light some pinecones. This will warm your home and make it feel more welcoming. Make sure the fireplace is not cluttered if you don’t have one.


It should look beautiful

Blinds and curtains are a good idea. They can make the place feel more personal and drab. You can buy some inexpensive ones from Ikea (e.g. If you need to buy some cheap ones (e.g. Ikea),

Flowers and plants add colour, life, and light to a space and make it smell great. The fruit bowl on the kitchen counter is a great example of this.


Find the right scents

Potential buyers are most likely to be turned off by bad smells. You must not just mask the problem, but fix it. Clear the drains, clean bins, open windows, ventilate the kitchen, remove cigarette smoke-laden furniture, and wash dirty bed sheets

Place bowls of vinegar around your house if you smoke. Leave it out for three days. Although the vinegar may still smell when you open your windows, it will quickly disappear and take most of the stale cigarettes smell with it.

Good smells can make a home feel more inviting. Although it may not be practical to make fresh bread, cakes, or brownies for everyone who visits your house, you might consider brewing fresh coffee.


Showing the property

You will have selected a competent estate agent (see How do I choose an estate agency?). Let them show you the property

Their job is to decide what to say, what to emphasize and what to downplay

They can also answer tricky questions about noisy neighbors.


View virtual

Covid safe virtual viewings have become more popular. You have many options. There is a pre-recorded or 360 degree tour, a simple 1:2:1 viewing, and more.

The above advice is valid regardless of what type of viewing you are doing. Make sure you have the right lighting and that your windows sparkle from both the inside and outside.


Conversions obvious

You can convert the garage to make more space or go up into the loft. If you have the cash available, take advantage of it.

Home improvements can be costly so make sure you consider the impact on your home. We have identified 10 home improvements that will add value to your home, based on our recent research with the Federation of Master Builders as well as estate agents from Guild of Property Professionals.

You might consider planning permission even if you don’t have the funds to convert.

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