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How To Choose The Best Color For Your Bedroom

How many times have we been so clear that we wanted to change the color of our bedroom and how many headaches has made us make the decision that convinced us the most.

It is possible that it has already happened to you and, if not, it is likely that sometime in your life it could happen to you.

We will not choose the color for you , but we can give you a few tips to help you make the decision.

Two colors

Indeed, at least two colors in your bedroom . Find them and compare them.

If the room is small, white or light colors (pastel tones) tend to be better to give a greater sense of spaciousness to the space.

Obviously, the opposite occurs with darker colors, although, in the end, each one has different tastes in terms of colors and they convey some sensations or others.

Red and orange tend to bring warmth, yellow more optimism and joy, green and blue tranquility … although this topic would give us to talk at length.


The reflection on the walls with lighter colors will create a greater feeling of spaciousness in the bedroom.

In this case, to achieve luminosity, white is a safe bet, although it depends a lot on the light that reaches your room …

If you don’t like the end result, try changing the lighting or the curtains.

Matte paint

If someone is not very used to painting, they are still throwing their hands to their head, but don’t worry, it is something very simple.

In the hardware store we will find matte, satin or glossy paints. Matte does not shine and, if we want luminosity in the bedroom, it will be the best option.


If our room is very spacious and the ceiling is very high, we can use a light color such as off-white or beige to narrow and give the room more warmth.

The furniture and decoration

It seems very obvious, but are you going to paint and then decorate or vice versa?

If first you are going to start brushing and rolling, you can go to the furniture and decoration store once you have seen the result, but, if not, choose well the colors that will accompany those furniture that you have so much of. Dear.

How much paint?

As in everything, it depends on what you invest in it.

Each liter of inexpensive paint can serve you about 5 square meters while you can paint twice as many meters with a higher quality one.

The roughness of the wall also comes into play.

Small details

There are other tricks that will help you make the final result better. One of them is to first paint on another surface or paper to see what this color really is like.

If you don’t like how it turned out on the wall, have a little patience. Wait 4 or 5 days for it to be completely dry …

Protect the furniture well so that paint does not fall on them and, if you can, take the little ones out of the room to facilitate mobility within it.

Finally, cover any irregularities or holes , use masking tape to protect doors and other surfaces, cover the floor and, of course, use good brushes, rollers and other paint materials to ensure a better result.

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