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Buying A New Home From 3 Different Kinds Of Builder


There are three basic business models that define how most residential construction companies define themselves:

  • Custom
  • Conventional
  • Tract.

Each of these models provides different drawbacks and advantages for first time home buyers to evaluate. This article focuses on custom homes, since they are the most profitable by far.

Conventional residential builders to build homes according to a set of standard floor plans. They are usually large projects that take years to complete and entail the largest expense. Because of this, conventional builders focus a great deal on building quality, which often translates into a higher price. Many times it is the cost of labor that deters first time home buyers from purchasing a home through a conventional builder. Custom builders, by contrast, do not adhere to any standard floor plan and have little to no overhead or other expenses.

Conventional Builder

One advantage of choosing a builder over a conventional builder is the possibility to select from a variety of floor plans. These builders have homes available from single-family detached homes, duplexes, multiple unit dwellings, town homes, modular homes, pre-fabricated homes, and manufactured homes. Each design offers a unique combination of features and characteristics. Whether a buyer prefers a property with ample square footage for living space, multiple bedrooms, a garden or other feature, or a location close to public transportation, there is a builder to match the needs of the buyer.

Production Builder

A production builder builds homes in-house, but works directly with the customer. Unlike a custom home builder, production builders build only to final specifications provided by the customer. In many cases, this means that the plans offered by the production builders are generally not as flexible as those of a custom builder. This does not mean that production builders cannot produce quality homes; however, buyers should be aware that these homes may be sold with minor customization including doors and windows, flooring, plumbing and electrical features. In most cases, customers are able to request specific features that are not available on standard floor plans.

Custom or Specialty Builder

A specialty builder is usually hired to build homes on a particular part of the property, like a section of a mountain range, or a specific section of a downtown city. In contrast to the other two types of builders discussed above, custom builders can customize plans for any area. Although these builders do not specialize in particular areas, they do have some unique qualities. Most custom builders homes include personalized door handles and window titles, more ornate cabinetry, and more details for the kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor features. While there are many similarities between all three types of builders, each style has its own special features, which distinguish it from the others.

The price range and profits associated with each type of builder are also different. A new home manufacturer can produce a large number of quality homes for a lower price than a specialty builder. However, the profit margin associated with a custom home builder is much higher than the profits earned by a new home manufacturer. Builders in addition to specializing in a particular area of building construction earn an additional income through referrals and/or additional work. These additional incomes help to keep the new home manufacturer in business during slow economic periods.

If you are interested in purchasing a new home but are unsure if you are comfortable purchasing a house without having a completed structure, you may want to consult a construction estimating service. An experienced construction estimating service will be able to provide you with accurate and reliable cost estimates associated with the purchase of a new home. Typically, these estimates are provided on an instant basis. Because the construction industry is seasonal, most construction estimating services are also available online. In addition to providing cost estimates, the construction estimating service should also be able to provide you with a list of past projects that they have completed, which will give you a better indication of the contractor’s ability to complete the job.

Builders are not limited to just residential construction projects. Many builders specialize in the construction of custom homes, vacation homes, and garden or lake house homes. These builders are usually referred to as “builders”. The majority of professional builders earn a salary and are paid for the work that they do, based upon the overall completion time of the project. Most professional builders will not attempt to complete any work on your home unless they have received a satisfactory estimate from a builder on the size and scope of the work that will be required.

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