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5 New Year's Resolutions For The Traveller

Ready to start 2022 on a full-blown basis? Me either! To inspire these first days of the year – and not let the New Year’s gas die – I decided to list here on the blog the traveller’s 5 New Year’s resolutions. If you follow them, I guarantee you will have a happy and well traveled year. Worth trying right?

1 – Don’t spend money on what will distance you from that dream trip

One thing that changed my financial life a lot was having clear goals. I talked more about this in the post about 2021 goals . With travel it’s no different: when we set goals, actually write, it’s much easier to stay focused.

I recommend setting a methone (like a vacation in California) and a few goals, like spending a weekend at a hot inn near your city. And then, whenever you go shopping for something, think about whether it’s more important than your travels. Or whether you’ll be happy with that purchase a month later. We know that travel has a lasting (and sometimes transforming!) effect, as material things…

2 – Plan the trips in advance, so that you can already estimate the budget

Plans and goals aren’t going to happen on their own, right? So it’s essential to take the time to plan the trips you want to take. At least the big vacation and a little trip closer per semester. Search the inn, see the price, calculate the cost of transportation. That way, you can estimate how much money you’ll need to save and manage your monthly budget accordingly.

3 – Keep an eye on deals on tickets, insurance and hotels

There are expenses that are difficult to reduce, such as food for example. But the biggest expenses of a trip, especially airline tickets, can vary a lot according to the date and the promotions of the airlines. So, once you’ve set your destination, keep an eye out for promotions. You can sign up to receive alerts on sites like Kayak and Skyscanner and, of course, use miles accumulated on your credit card to deduct or buy your ticket. Be smart! Only those who don’t plan properly pay full airfare.

4 – Have the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities

This item is valid for travel (changing the destination to take advantage of a promotion, for example), but it is valid for everything in life. Sometimes you get an unexpected break from work and can make amends on a weekend trip. Or you may find yourself overbooked on a flight and taking off a mega opportunity with the airline as compensation. Facing adversity and change with serenity and optimism can truly transform your life. And I repeat: it goes for everything.

5 – Have discipline before to travel better later

You can’t be happy and enjoy being crazy all the time. If you want to be happy with no strings attached during your vacation, chances are you need to be ultra-disciplined first. For example: anticipating work to get everything ready before going. Or follow the diet well enough to be able to relax on vacation without harm. I’m a rather anxious person, so I can only relax even if I have a lot of things up front, from jobs to paid bills that haven’t even expired yet. Haha ha! Identify what can keep you awake during your trip and plan to resolve issues in advance. It will be worth it!

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