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How to give piano lessons to children

As a music teacher teaching children to play the piano, I have discovered that there is an important emphasis in encouraging children when they start. There are there are several piano music books beginners available and they can help the child learn. However, I would encourage parents to really praise their children’s efforts as they learn..

One of the greatest satisfactions for a teacher is to see his student evolve. Being a piano teacher is not an easy task, and even harder if there are children involved. However, once you manage to have a good connection with your students and watch them learn, you realize that there is no better job.

To be able to give piano lessons you must have some things in mind. What are the requirements to be a piano teacher? Where to start giving piano lessons for children? In this post, we will guide you.

How to give a piano lesson for children

Giving a piano lesson to children is not that different from giving a piano lesson to older beginners. In the end, what counts is what you can offer as a teacher and how you communicate with your students. To start, on the first day of school you must discover these two factors:

  1. Find out the level of your student. Do you already know how to play the piano? Do you know the musical notes? Depending on what you know, you should start by teaching a bit of music theory before getting to grips with the instrument itself.
  2. What do you like? A good way to introduce the child to the world of music and the piano is through what he likes. Not only on a musical level, but also movies with soundtracks, video games, etc.

If the child is very young, he probably does not know what he likes. He may not even understand the question. Your skills as a teacher will come into play here. To find out what amuses him, sit next to him on the piano stool:

  • Play different melodies at different rhythms. If the child prefers a slower and more intimate rhythm, you can start by teaching him sheet music in this style. If, on the other hand, he is more moved, he will like fast and happy songs. From the music you can discover what the child is like and what his personality is.
  • Play songs that the child may know. The important thing is to make him participate in the class and what is being taught, so you will capture his interest and he will find the class fun.
  • Try different styles of music. Jazz, rock, classical, even boogie woogie. Show him what playing the piano is for, how much fun it is and how many things he can do with it. The fundamental thing to learn music is to appreciate it, and the child must realize it for himself.

Materials for teaching piano for children

The most important thing when dealing with children is, to be organized and prepare your classes well so that there is an evolution. You cannot start building the house from the roof and you must pass this thought on to the child. At first you will start with simple melodies, in a single scale and few notes, then we will increase the level. For passing it to the children, there are several piano music books beginners  available and it can help you gather material to teach piano for children.

The materials to teach piano for children that will achieve this progress are the following:

  1. Music textbook. To study an instrument, it is necessary to have basic notions of musical theory. Look for children’s textbooks and take advantage of a part of the class to advance in the syllabus.
  2. Sheet music for children. When starting to play the piano, simple scores should be chosen. Choose a Christmas carol, lullaby or popular song that he already knows and teach him to play.
  3. Innovate. To work with children, you must make the classes fun, dynamic and exciting. What better way to do that than through gaming? Applications like Simply Piano, Piano Dust Buster or Piano Maestro are a great opportunity for children to practice, play and even spend leisure time learning to play the piano.
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