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A Writers Recipe For Writing More

I have been posting more and more thoughts here on the blog. The Inspiration category is booming! It started with the desire to share some ideas with you and gained momentum when I realized that a lot of people were interested and liked to comment on the same subjects. And do you know what happens when we start writing with some regularity? We want to write more and more!

That’s why I decided to take advantage of this space to deliver the message. If you like to write, would like to write more or feel like you need something to organize your ideas, there’s only one way: get started. Even on those days when we feel uninspired, starting to write is always the first step towards inspiration. And not the other way around, as many people imagine. And once you hit it, believe me: go far!

Writing for me is work (I’m a journalist), but it’s also a hobby and therapy. It’s my moment, which makes me reflect, research, study, learn. It helps me deal with anxiety, show a little of my personality and put myself in the world. Wow how deep! Like many introspective people, I find it easier to express myself like this, alone with a keyboard in my hand. And for both me and you, you can bet: expressing yourself is liberating! It doesn’t matter if it’s for 2, 20, or 200,000 people – what matters is that it’s for you.

Challenge yourself to write more every day

If you want to write more, I offer you this challenge: write always. It doesn’t have to be a blog or something publishable. If you prefer, carry a notebook around and scribble a few words when you have a little free time. In the beginning it can be difficult, make you lazy, and you may reread and find everything crap. It’s part of the process! The important thing is to persist, write about what you feel like, what you don’t and get out of your comfort zone. (in my case, the comfort zone is called Netflix on the couch hahaha)

One day you will reread something you wrote a few days ago and think “wow, did I do it myself?”. Interest! As good as putting feelings into words is rereading the text and realizing that you did a better job than you expected. Then you will want to write more, maybe read more to expand your repertoire of ideas, maybe even share. And, when you barely notice, that’s it: you’ve taken a liking to it and already feel more expressive, more productive, happier. See why writing is therapy?

I hope this text inspires you to write more, or to dedicate yourself more to a hard-working hobby. If we strive for work commitments, why not have the same dedication for personal commitments? They can even open new doors for you professionally! One thing I’ve learned in this life of work and the internet: doing what we like is always worth it, even when we don’t really know where it’s going to take us. Ready to get started?

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